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Monthly lenses

Competitive prices for monthly contact lenses of the highest quality, order them surprisingly easy at Sightful. How about the TOTAL30® monthlies? the contact lenses you almost don't feel!

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Order your monthly lenses at Sightful!

Do you have your lenses in every day and do you want to watch your budget? Then monthly lenses are the solution for you. Monthly lenses are cheaper than daily lenses and, if properly taken care of, will last the whole month. This gives you a clear view wherever you go, and keeps your money for the fun things in life!

Monthly lenses require good care

In contrast to daily lenses, which are taken out of a new package every day, monthly lenses last up to 30 days, as the name suggests. That's why it's important to take good care of your contact lenses, so you can enjoy them all month long. This will prevent dirt from getting on your lenses and irritating or even infecting your eyes. Cleaning is easy, you just do as follows:

  • Take out the lenses before you go to sleep.
  • Clean the contact lenses with a little multi-purpose liquid. You can do this with your fingers; gently rub the lens fluid over the lenses.
  • Do your monthly lenses look clean? Then put them in your lens box filled with lens liquid and close the box. This will prevent the lenses from drying out.
  • The next morning, take your monthly lenses out of the lens box and put them in again for a whole day for clear vision!

Contact lenses come in many shapes and sizes

Every eye is different. Maybe you even have two different prescriptions. You can order monthly lenses in your own strength or strengths, so let us know when you order your lenses online, and we will arrange it for you. You can choose from many types of monthly lenses from different manufacturers, such as Alcon, CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson.

Do you have presbyopia or astigmatism? We have plenty of choices in our range for you. On this page you can find an overview of all the monthly lenses available from us.

Would you like help ordering your lenses online? At Sightful, we have eye experts ready to answer your questions. For example, if you don't know if you should go for daily, weekly or monthly lenses. Or if you want to know which lenses allow more oxygen to pass through and/or retain moisture to make sure you don't get dry or irritated eyes by wearing monthly lenses. Feel free to ask your questions via Whatsapp or by chat; we will be happy to help!

Order your monthly lenses today = super fast at home

When you order your monthly lenses from Sightful, we'll make sure you get your lenses delivered as soon as possible. And another great advantage: the more you order from us, the cheaper your contact lenses will be. Because we'd like to see you in our webshop more often, we give you more discount the more often you order. So order your monthly lenses online and experience the comfort of your lenses and the ease of our webshop. We are sure you will want to come back again!